December 28, 2012

Cleaning Services




picture of a girl cleaning the floor by hand on her knees

We will clean it for you too!

One of the biggest hassles when moving out of a place, especially if you are renting, is the cleaning up after you have moved out.  Our cleaning service can come in after everything has been moved and professionally clean your whole home. We not only know how to clean, we can also repair any damage that has been done such as: holes in walls or doors, painting, carpet cleaning and even minor structural damage.

We at Move It For You know full well how much you have to put up in deposits when you rent a home or apartment to live in.  Most contracts guarantee that you will get your deposit back when you move if the apartment or home is clean and in the condition that you left it. The thing most do not tell you is that close to 80% of deposits are never returned for one reason or another.

Call us today to receive a quote on our professional cleaning service to ensure that you get your whole deposit returned. After all, it is your money, why give it away?

Thank You and Be Blessed,

Joe D. Willis

Move It For You LLC

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