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I learned about the moving business from my grandfather when I was a little boy and use this knowledge to help families and businesses make a wise decision when hiring a moving company to help them move. One of the main things that I notice is that people want a company to help them to have insurance. While this seems like a wise priority, you need to know a little bit about what the insurance that they have gives you in case something breaks during your move.

The companies that are insured, unless you pay an arm and a leg for extra coverage, are only liable for 60 cents per pound if they break something. What this means to you is for instance: You have a brand new 50″ LED smart TV that you paid 1,500 dollars for, for whatever reason, and it gets broken beyond repair during your move. The moving insurance will pay you, after a long period of claims reporting, 60 cents a pound. Most Televisions of this size weigh about 30 pounds or so. Multiply 30 pounds by 60 cents and you get a whopping 18 dollars for your broken TV.

With this kind of risk/reward, most of the companies that are insured do not take the time or even care if something gets broken because they hardly have to pay anything if it is broken. You can pay for extra insurance but if you want to get back what your belongings are worth, you would spend a fortune for the extra insurance coverage. Even after all of this, most moving companies charge ridiculous prices to move your belongs anyway.

At Move It For You, we genuinely care about your belongings and your home. Our movers are extensively trained by me, the owner, on how to carry and maneuver furniture up and down stairs and around corners.  They are also trained to load the trucks, POD’s and storage units correctly. This means they know how to place each item in the correct place, cover it so nothing rubs against the surface of it and strap it in so that it does not move.

Also, we know that accidents do happen.  If, by chance, something is damaged during your move we stop and immediately bring it to your attention. Then after the job is completed, we settle on the best way to handle it.  We will either fix it or replace it. In over 1,200 moves only three times has this happened. On one, a drawer of a nightstand fell out when it was being carried.  This happened not because we were negligent or careless but because the rail that it slides on was broken before the move. I repaired the drawer and the owner then wanted me to repair all of the others because it was in better working order than before. I did repair the others at no charge to her. The second was minor scratches on a piece of furniture that were easily sanded and refinished, and the third was a wall that got a ding in it because we were carrying an over sized Armour up to the 2nd floor. In this instance, I warned the customer that it might happen because the object was too big to safely turn the corner on the landing and might rub the wall.  She asked me to do it anyway and the nick occurred. I repaired, and painted it to look as good as new.

We have a policy of NO DAMAGE, at Move It For You LLC and I mention these three times to show that in accordance with this policy we will do whatever it takes to remedy the situation. Most companies do not even mention when they break something hoping that you do not discover it until they are gone so they can claim that they were not the ones that did it. Another practice to get extra money is the additional charges that are applied.

A lot of moving companies want to even charge you extra for the stairs that they have to carry your belongings up and down. They even charge you extra if you cannot get the truck right up to the door. You are also charged high prices for all materials, tools, dollies, and blankets that are used. All of these extras add up to a super expensive move. Throw in the insurance risk and reward and you have an expensive move that is not concerned about damaging your belongings.

If the company that you are hiring charges for the loading and unloading part of the move and requires an additional charge for stairs and distance covered then they are making double the money. The fact is that stairs and distance are two of the main factors when you are estimating how long the job will take. This means that you will get charged the extra plus the extra time that it takes to go up and down the stairs and cover the extra distance. If they just give an estimate for the complete job, again they will factor in the extra time and the added charges for stairs and distance and charge you for both.

Move It For You LLC was established in Pennsylvania so we are used to stairs and tiny doorways, stairs, and hallways. We charge by the hour, so if stairs are involved or there is a great distance to cover to get to the access point we advise you that it will take extra time because of this and do not charge you extra.  The extra charge for us is the extra time it will take, not both.

Having said all of this, We know that no one is perfect and accidents do happen. The main thing to consider is which company actually cares about not damaging anything. Which company will actually pay you enough to replace something if they damage it, and how long will it take to actually receive the compensation. You worked hard to get the things that you have and need to be cautious when hiring someone to move them. Also, make sure that you are not being charged twice for the same thing such as time and stairs and distance covered.

In the end, the decision is yours to make. Consider all of the issues discussed above and thoroughly research the companies that you want to move you. We also urge you not to make your decision based solely on the basis of insurance, but look at all the factors such as: reviews, policies and reputation. Finally look at the contract and make sure that there are no hidden charges.

Hopefully this has given you some insights into the practices of a lot of movers out there. The good news is that there are plenty of honest and careful movers out there as well. Use this information to help you weed out the trash and get to the treasure, and while you’re at it, Be Blessed!

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