December 13, 2012

Load and Unload Service



Many people have a misconception that it is alright to just load items into a truck in any way possible. Although this is possible it will often result in chaos when unloading, and more than likely, damage to valuable possessions. I would have to say that loading a truck properly is the most important service in the moving industry.

     Move It For You has the experience and the knowledge to professionally load your valuable possessions in such a way as to maximize the available space, to ensure no damage occurs and to save time when it comes to unloading. We have often been told that the amount of  items that we fit onto the truck was unbelievable. Saving, and utilizing all of the available space on a truck not only allows more items to be moved, it also saves you money by taking fewer trips and even using a smaller truck than anticipated.

     One of the advantages of calling us before you move is that we will come and tell you the proper size of truck that you need for the move you are scheduling. Often times, we can even provide the truck for you at a lower rate. Consulting us will not only save you money, it will alleviate all the stress that comes along with any move. We are here to make moving easy and affordable for you.

Along the way we have been given many awards by the city of Harrisburg and the Dallas Ft. Worth area including

Thumbtack Best of 2016 , so please give us a call and let us help you move today.


Thank you and be blessed,

Joe D. Willis

Move It For You LLC