April 28, 2016

Moving Help


What is Moving Help


     Moving is something that we all have to do, if you are like me, you have to do it many times. Moving is not particularly a fun thing to do; it requires lots of planning, time, equipment and money. First, you have to deal with the issue of where am I going to move to. Sometimes the general area is picked for you because you have to relocate due to your job. Some companies help out with this and provide corporate homes that you can move right into. Unfortunately, this is very rare.  Most will tell you that you are being relocated to a city, for example, Dallas, Texas.  The job of finding your new home falls to you.  Once you do find the place that is right for you and you finalize the deal, you have a date that you can actually do the physical moving.


The next step would be to look at the logistics of your move. Is it a local move, which is within the same city or general area? Are you moving into the same state or cross-country? The distance of the move is crucial to the planning part of the move because of the time it takes to transport your belongings. If it is a local move, the distance does not figure too prominently in the time and the actual loading and unloading of your belongings can be done in a single day.  If you are moving out of state, it could take a while depending on how far it is. For example, my wife and I recently relocated from Harrisburg, Pa. to Irving, Texas. It took 4 days for our belongings to arrive in Irving.  This is also the most expensive part of your move, and you want to coordinate the arrival to the time that you can take possession of your new home.


Loading and Unloading


Now comes the part where moving help is involved.  The general idea is that the more you are willing and able to do yourself, the more money you will save. Believe it or not, most people do not need what is called a “full service move”. You have a lot of work ahead of you at this stage, but you can hire moving help to do the things that you are not able to do on your own.  Most of our business, and what we specialize in is the loading and unloading of your truck, POD, trailer or storage unit. The loading of your belongings is super important to how they will arrive at your new home or office. We make sure that everything is placed into the right spot, covered with a furniture pad and secured by rubber coated ratchet straps.  This ensures that nothing will shift during the transport and get damaged. The order in which you put things on the truck also helps with the unloading.  Contrary to popular belief, the boxes and containers go on first (Which means that they come off last), then the taller furniture: mattresses, headboards, armoires, china cabinets, and then dressers and night stands.  The miscellaneous, unstackable stuff is placed on the top and at the end. This means that when it comes time to unload, you save time because you off load all of the furniture and get it into the place that you want it before you unload the boxes.  If you do it the conventional way all of the boxes will have to be moved again and again to be able to put the furniture where it belongs. Another important thing to remember is how the truck moves as it is going down the road. It is constantly shifting from side to side and not front to back (unless you go up or down a steep incline).  This means that the most secure way to load furniture is to place it in the truck with the greatest width going side to side, not straight in.  You must also fill in all gaps between the walls of furniture with something soft. (pillows and couch cushions are perfect, also bags of clothes) All of this comes with experience and also a gift of being able to see it in your minds eye as it travels down the road.  It is also crucial to know how to carry very heavy objects up and down stairs and around corners without bumping into walls or doors, or injuring yourself.



Packing and Unpacking 



Another very important part of moving, to ensure that nothing gets damaged, is the packing.  Packing is costly because you need so many supplies: tape, boxes, stuffing, paper, bubble wrap, knives and markers to name a few. You also must know how to pack the box so that it will survive the move. You have to remember that boxes will be stacked on top of each other and pack them accordingly. It is very important to label them correctly also.  For instance, you have a box that something fragile is packed in and it must be loaded in a certain position on the truck, you must label it fragile, top box or even put an arrow on the box showing which way it must sit. Packing also takes an inordinate amount off time.  You must either wrap things in paper or bubble wrap and then place them in the box correctly where they will not shift during transport, then label and place in an area closet to the exit point.  At this point, you will find that you have some boxes that will not close, they have taller things sticking up out of the box. Please do not worry, these can be placed on the top of the row of boxes in the truck, they just cannot outnumber the amount of boxes that do close and are stackable.  Now we come to the question of do I shrink wrap everything or not?  My position is this: Any kind of wall hanging, mirror or picture can be shrink wrapped to prevent rubbing. Furniture on the other hand I do not suggest shrink wrapping because it takes a lot of time and depending on the layout of the home or office may impede the process of carrying it out to the truck.  For instance, you have a large dresser with multiple drawers, and it must go around tight corners or up or down stairs.  I know the mindset is that the drawers will open and fall out, which could happen, but the best way is to pull the drawers out, if necessary, carry it to the truck and then replace the drawers and wrap it in a blanket  and put it in place. You would not believe how much easier it is to carry a large dresser without the drawers in it, especially if it needs to be flipped to get around corners or up and down stairs.


We are always ready to help you Move


Now the moving help is customized to exactly what you need.  Most people, I would suggest pack themselves a little at a time.  This not only ensures you that nothing will come up missing when you unpack, but it will save you a ton of money on your move.  We are here to help you with whatever you want us to do, but we are also here to save you as much money as we can. We have found out that the most affordable way is that you pack all of your belongings yourself and have everything ready for the day of the move. Then we can come in and disassemble what needs it, load everything onto the truck and unload everything exactly where you want it in your new home or office and put it all back together. Then as you are unpacking your boxes you can think of it as Christmas because everyone that does it always says, “Wow I forgot I had this!”  Now, if the thought of all of this is overwhelming you, don’t panic, give us a call and we will come out and tell you the best and most affordable way to get you into your new home or office.

Thank you and be blessed!

Joe Willis

Move It For You LLC