Moving People All Over Dallas, Ft. Worth, Texas



                               DALLAS  FT. WORTH AREA

Hello Dallas and Ft. Worth! Move It For You LLC has now officially opened for business in your area. We have a proven perfect record for the last 3 years, moving families and businesses all over the State of Pennsylvania. In the 3 years we have been open we have moved over 1,500 households and even the administrative offices of the whole Harrisburg School District.

Securing a wall in your moving truck

How to build a secure wall in the truck when moving.

What this means for you is that we have plenty of practice moving large, heavy, Amish made furniture, as well as commercial office furniture up and down many flights of stairs and through some of the smallest doors and hallways that you have ever seen. I have moved people in and out of farmhouses that were built in the 1800’s and even one log cabin that was built in the early 1700’s. I have moved furniture up and down stairs in these homes that I could barely fit through. So believe me I am happy to be back in Texas where the ranch style home is King!


Using all available floor space when moving

Proper placement at the end of the truck to ensure that all floor space is used.

We started this company in order to provide a reliable, professional move for you at a fair price. Stairs are no problem, older homes are no problem, even if you are moving into a small log cabin in the country, no problem, we have done it all without breaking anything and with no damage to the walls.


I am looking forward to helping you plan and execute your next move; whether it is a one bedroom apartment or a 5 bedroom home I have the experience and the know how to get it done for you. I actually moved a family from Gettysburg, Pa. to Baltimore, MD. into the largest home in Maryland; a whopping 43,800 square foot home! It is listed as the 49th largest home in America, beating Bill Gates by over 5,000 square feet.

Properly wrapped furniture for storage and transport in your moving truck

Cabinet wrapped for maximum protection while stored.

If you are moving you family or your business in the greater Dallas Ft. Worth area go ahead and contact us using the form provided below. I would love to discuss it with you and even if you choose to have someone else help you I can at least give you some tips to make it the most stress free move ever.

Thank You and Be Blessed!

Joe Willis

Move It For You LLC