Moving Tips to Help You Be Prepared On Moving Day




     It really surprises me how many people who contact me to help them move say that they will be prepared for it when I show up to load their contents into their truck, trailer or storage unit. Then when the big day comes, I knock on the door and hear the words, “Honey, the mover’s are here! Let’s get started!” Please don’t get me wrong, it does not upset me that they wait until the last minute because I get paid by the hour. It does, however, add a whole lot of stress and expense to you the customer. 

I am endeavoring to help you save yourself a bunch of money and do away with the stress of moving by posting these simple tips on how to be prepared for your moving day.  These tips will include what supplies you will need, what size truck you should have, the proper way to pack boxes and for the really adventurous, the way to properly load a truck so that their is no damage to anything in transit. I hope that some, if not all of these tips will help you with your next move.




Picture of a garage on moving day, filled with clutter and unorganized

When we have to move rooms that look like this it is more expensive because of the time involved to sort it, pack it and load it securely.

This is a picture of a typical garage on the day of the move. I hope that you can see how much extra time would be involved in loading just the contents of this one room onto the truck for transport. Clutter is one of the most stressful and expensive aspects of moving.


You can see that nothing is organized, in fact nothing is even packed. In order for my team to load this onto the truck, we must first organize it into categories and then pack it into boxes. Boxes and tools and furniture are all loaded at differing stages of the loading process. Hopefully, after reading a few of the tips I have shared with you the whole moving day will be an enjoyable experience and not a hassle or burden.




The most important thing to do when packing boxes, is to allow yourself enough time to organize each room into categories before you ever start to pack anything. For example: In a bedroom we have many different items such as; clothes, entertainment, shoes, jewelry, knick knacks, lamps, and so on.  I know you may say that it makes no difference what box it goes into as long as it is labeled bedroom, but damage and loss could result in packing entertainment stuff in the same box as knick knacks or jewelry and then the unpacking process is more confusing also.

The next thing to remember is to pack the box full but do not overfill. What I mean by this is to fill the box until it is full and closes properly. This enables the boxes to be stacked on top of each other in the truck. By doing this you will help to insure that nothing is damaged during transport.

Use the proper packing materials when packing boxes. Just because you put delicate items, such as glassware in a box does not mean that it will not be damaged during transport. You must ensure that anything inside of a box will be packed snugly and properly cushioned inside of the box to prevent the items from rubbing against each other during transport.  Some of the materials to use are:

1)  newspaper (Best when shredded or balled)

2)  cardboard

3)  bubble wrap

4)  styrofoam

5)  rags

Note:  There is no set way to do this, use your imagination and the materials that you find in your home to save you money.

The reason that you want to fill the box all the way, but not overfill it can be seen in the picture below. If the box is not filled all the way, it will have a tendency to crush to the level that it is filled to when other boxes are stacked on top of it.  If it is overfilled where it cannot close, then nothing can be stacked on top of it. It is okay to have some boxes that are not able to close, due to the type of stuff placed in them, just remember that they will have to be placed on the to

picture of boxes loaded properly in the moving truck, every gap is filled.

Boxes loaded first to ensure safety during transport.

     I hope that this helps you in preparing for your next move. My wife and I started this company to help you, the customer, have a stress-free and damage-free move. We also strive to give you an excellent service at an affordable price. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or email. Be Blessed and have a great day.

Joe and Barbara Willis

Move It For You LLC