Protecting Your Pets During Moving Day!


Many of us have pets that mean very much to us for various reasons. So during moving day we would like to suggest to our customers that before moving day arrives that you plan ahead for your pets in order to protect these cherished ones from undue stress. One may be able to send them to daycare, or a relative’s home, while others prefer to keep them close to them in a secure location. Whichever the case, remember to insure the safety and well being of your animals. No one would ever like to lose their pets or cause them undue stress to them on moving day. So avoid this and plan ahead!

Most of our pets are actually considered as part of the family and as such we care for them very much. Many of our customers have pets in the home on moving day. We here at Move It For You are Pet lovers ourselves and want your pets to have a perfect, safe move as well. If your dog or cat likes to run out the door it might be better to have them in one room as we move items from the other rooms to prevent this. It also ensures that they are not under foot when we are moving your larger items. If we trip on them we could injure them or ourselves.

The best solution is, as mentioned above, to leave your pets with someone else. Many times the stress of so many new people and all the activity taking place around your pets is just a little too much. Let them relax with a friend and when your new home has been moved into go get your pet and let them begin to rule your new home.

One last option is that many of your pet stores sale treats that have a calming effect on your pet when eaten. We use these often with our black cat, Midnight. Stress is not healthy for you or your pet, so please take measures to protect them during your moving.

Midnight, our black cat, stretched out on his favorite spot on our bed.

We love our pets and truth be told they are the boss, so here are some tips on how to protect them on moving day.