Relocating to Dallas – Ft. Worth


                            WE ARE RELOCATING TO DALLAS -FT. WORTH


Hi, starting the beginning of September 2015 we will no longer offer moving services in Pennsylvania. We will start offering all of our services in the Dallas – Ft. Worth area at the same time.  I want to thank all of our wonderful customers in Pennsylvania. It is because of you that we have become one of the most popular, reliable, 5 star rated moving companies in the area.

The plan is to relocate to the Dallas – Ft. Worth area, offer all of the same services, and expand. The population density is about 10 times what it is in Harrisburg so our income should increase at least 10 fold. This money will be used to expand, buy trucks, a store and eventually do long haul. So we will be back Pennsylvania and will miss you.

You may still contact us if you need advice, or even recommendations of how to make your move stress free and inexpensive. We started this company with the idea of helping people to save money and have a stress free move, and it is still our number 1 goal.

Thank You,

Joe Willis

Move It For You LLC