Time vs. protection when loading your moving truck.




Usually, when someone needs to move, and their budget is limited, they will rent the truck, buy the supplies and pack all their belongings themselves. This is a great way to save lots of money over the rates of a full service move provided by a moving company.  After this is accomplished, you need to decide on actually loading and unloading your belongings into the truck.

While many of us do not own many large, heavy pieces of furniture; many of us do.  In Pennsylvania, the way a lot of the older homes and apartments are constructed, will be the first thing to look at when deciding if you can do it yourself or need to hire a moving company. Measure the doorways and take a close look at the stairways and landings.

Securing a wall in your moving truck

How to build a secure wall in the truck when moving.

Many homes built here were constructed a long time ago and the stairways, landings and doorways are a lot narrower than a newly constructed home.  Also, just the way the stairways are designed will let you know if a queen sized, or larger mattress and box spring set will be able to make it to the next floor. The good news is that there are many ways to get the size bed up to the next floor, even if it appears that they will not fit.

The first option is called cutting and folding. You actually cut the box spring and fold it over to make it able to fit up the stairs. Once you get it to the top of the stairs you reassemble it, and if done right, it will be stronger than it was originally.  There are many videos on you-tube that show you exactly how to do this. Finally, another option is to get the double box spring set that fits your size mattress.



The size of your furniture will greatly affect the difficulty of moving it out of your old home and into your new home.  The length and height affect this more than the actual weight.  The easiest way to begin is to remove all shelves and drawers, this reduces the weight, but more importantly, it keeps the dings and rubs on your walls to a minimum because the drawers are not opening as you carry it.

Many dressers and other pieces have to actually be tumbled, or stood up on end and flipped to make it around the corners and up and down stairways. This is a simple process, just make sure that you put a blanket or other protective covering on your floor where you do this so as not to scratch your floor.

Couches are probably the most difficult piece of furniture to navigate up and down the stairs and through the hallways and doors without dinging your walls and doorways.  Whenever possible remove the feet from them, they usually just unscrew.  Also, to make your job easier, almost all recliners have a removable back to make them simple to carry around corners and through doors. Just look at the back beneath the cover, on the sides there will be a track that has a clip to hold it in place. Just release the clip on each side and lift up. When you get it to where it is going, just slide the brackets back over the rails and put the clips in place to lock it back in.

Best way to place a mattress in your moving truck

Proper mattress placement in the truck.



Now that you have everything outside, ready to load into the truck you need to decide what degree of protection you need for your belongings. This is determined mostly by personal preference but a few other factors are:  age, delicateness, and the distance it will ride in the truck.


Picture of how to wrap a cabinet to protect it during transport and storage

Cabinet ready for transport and storage

     This is a picture of an antique hutch and a headboard, foot board that have been wrapped up for a three year long storage.  You can see that a heavy furniture pad was placed on first and then shrink wrapped to not only hold it in place, but also provide a little bit of protection from the elements.

     This is one option that provides maximum protection although it adds cost to your move.  Not only for the materials but for the time it takes to wrap all the furniture in this way. I, as a professional mover recommend this for most moves because of the protection it gives, although if you are only moving a few miles there are other options.

     Then next option is to lay the furniture pads on after placing the furniture in the truck. This protects from rubbing against other furniture and allows the furniture to be stacked on top of each other.

     The next thing to decide on is the order in which you load items onto the truck. I have decided that the best way to do this is to load all the boxes and containers in first and then start creating walls of furniture, which are strapped across to hold everything in place. Also, a common misconception is that longer pieces of furniture are to be loaded straight into the truck.  This is totally wrong!  It not only takes up way more space, it actually puts your furniture at risk while it is traveling in the truck.

     These trucks do not shift much from front to back, but they are constantly shifting from side to side, even on flat surfaces.  Why then would you put your furniture in longways?  You want to put it in so that the width is greatest at the point of the greatest shifting, to provide maximum stability in transit. Below I show you a few pictures to show you what I am describing.

Picture of one of many loaded moving trucks by Move It For You LLC

Another properly loaded moving truck by the Move It For You Crew.

     I hope that this helps you a little bit when you have to make your next move. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us here, we are here to help your next move be the easiest, most affordable and stress-free move ever. Be blessed!

Joe and Barbara Willis